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Reactivating & Recoding your DNA for Healing, Enlightened Living ,& Ascension
©Aeoliah   2011

Brief Synopsis

   It is man's eternal quest to seek ways of becoming one with the universal Source of All-That-IS, to understand its  higher intelligence, power, purpose, will,  and its driving force in all forms of creation within each embodied soul.
     The only difference between this supreme Power-Divine Intelligence and Man is the separation or split that exists within the genetically modified matrix of our programmed DNA Codes, out of which the illusion of duality was first orchestrated.  The collective fracture of humanity’s denied unconscious shadow self is the unhealed inner child of us all.
     We live in a world of conflicting and seemingly opposing forces, or what appear as opposing forces right within our own being as well as externalized and acted out in our daily experience.  Opposing forces such as light-dark, good-bad, pleasure-pain, love-fear, well-being-dis-ease, birth-death, joy-sorrow, entrapment-liberation, etc. shape our everyday lives and the choices we make.  How we make peace and  resolve these opposing forces within our own being  determines the quality of life we experience.
    “God/Goddess, Source, the Divine Universal Intelligence within each of us, utilizes the projection and illusion of duality in 3rd and 4th density (dimension) as a catalyst for souls to evolve and activate self-mastery.  Each human being has these duality codes imbedded in their DNA. It is our conditioned responses and attachments to these lower frequencies of illusions/desires that keeps us stuck in these lower dimensions.
Now is the time to awaken our fullest potential by reactivating our original unlimited DNA blueprint as we master the illusion of duality through the process of discernment, understanding, and awakening to our enlightenment, healing,  and ascension.
  We are no longer victims of an “outer force or externally constructed duality matrix ” controlling us, but quickly becoming Victors of our own destiny as we merge and master the gap between inner and outer, light and dark, good/bad, ugly/beautiful, love and fear,  right within the matrix of our own subconscisous and psyche.
     In this book, you will find many valuable healing tools that will help you to reactivate your original DNA blueprint and manifest your higher potential and sovereignty  by reconnecting with your greater Self and your Divine Purpose.


TABLE OF CONTENTS:  The Liquid Light of Healing  ©Aeoliah

Preface…………………………………………………………………………Page 1

Introduction…………………………………………………………………..Page 2

Chapter 1: The Nature, Purpose, & Illusion  Of Duality In 3rd Density…..Page  3

Chapter 2: Unplugging from the Matrix of Duality ……………………….....Page  5

Chapter 3: Why Are We Here? ……………………………………………...Page   7

Chapter 4: The Role & Evolution Of The Human Psyche………………….Page 12

Chapter 5:  Re-Activating Your Original   DNA Blueprint ………………..Page 17

Chapter 6.  The Four Sub-Bodies Of Human Energy………………………Page 22

Chapter 7  Aeoliah’s  Comprehensive Guide To The Chakras…………….Page 37

Chapter 8:  The Therapeutic Application And Use Of Light & Color…….Page 59

Chapter 9:  Taking Self-Responsibility And Becoming Conscious………...Page 69

Chapter  10.  Old And New DNA Codes  In The First Three Chakras…...Page  75

Chapter 11:  The Power Of Attraction  & Manifestation…………………..Page  84

Chapter 12:  Sexuality &  Spirituality……………………………………….Page  86

Chapter 13:  The Nature, Purpose, And  Liberation Of Human Desire…..Page 100

Chapter 14:  Nutrition & Superfoods : Optimizing & Maintaining A Healthy.............
Physical Body in the Upcoming New Cycle………………………………….Page 104

Chapter 15:  Physical Exercise, Yoga, & Meditation………………………..Page 121




“What is the true nature of Harmony?”This profound question prompted me to  dive deeper within myself to contemplate and probe the true nature and meaning of harmony.  We live in a world of opposing forces, or what appear as opposing forces right within our own being as well as externalized in our daily reality.  Opposing forces such as light-dark, high-low, hot-cold, pleasure-pain, love-fear, well-being-dis-ease, birth-death, joy-sorrow, entrapment-liberation, etc. shape our every day lives and the choices we make.  How we make peace and  resolve these opposing forces within our own being  determines the quality of life we experience.

Within God-Goddess and the supreme Divine Universal Intelligence, exist all the dimensional realms of creation and dissolution (destruction).  There also exist dimensional realms that are no longer subject to the cycles of creation and dissolution like this 3D earth plane (or physical body). Within this universal divine intelligence is the  darkest of the dark and the lightest of the light.  It contains both  the very highest and lowest forms of creation. These fluctuating and conditioned aspects of duality are reflected in the various dimensional realms in the universe.

Dimensions (including planetary systems, galaxies, and solar systems)  that are still subject to the recurring cycles of creation & destruction….. are subjected to the illusions of  duality that exist in the lower realms.  In the higher realms, there is no more need for  cycles of creation and dissolution, as life in these dimensions  is beyond cause and effect, karma, and therefore truly free, and unlimited. This is the true goal and purpose of a soul as it gains more experience and insight through its evolution in the various schools (dimensions) of training and learning, until it has attained liberation from all realms of duality,  and is ready for ascension.

Within us lies the full potential for the total healing and resolution of all duality programs as they surface or appear in our daily life, and I say it is an appearance because it has become a crystallized illusion and part of the old, limited, conditioned human matrix in this third dimension. With the current two-strand DNA, we have no memory of where we came  from, we are disconnected from source, and therefore we are entrapped in the illusions of the outer world and all the stimulus we are programmed and bombarded with daily.  With only the two-strand DNA, we  become  enslaved and dependant  in dysfunctional,  socio-economic  institutions, religions, and false belief systems that never truly deliver what they preach.

The true END-GAME of each soul’s journey is to free themselves from this conditioned state of duality once and for all, and return to the Source from which  we originally manifested, while still in a physical body in 3D. You can call this original source God,  Higher Self,  Unconditional Divine Love or unlimited freedom.  You can achieve this freedom by utilizing your original, God-given Divine Intelligence,  through the power of Divine Love,  and regain your lost Will by reactivating your original, unlimited sleeping DNA codes.

Subchapter:    Healing The Split  In Our Psyche

The collective fracture of humanity’s denied unconscious self is the unhealed inner child of us all.

As a human species, we carry the collective pain of many centuries of human suffering in our bodies, minds, emotions, and these fragmented  memories are encoded in our DNA as a very limited, constricted energy pattern in every cell of our body.  The parents that we currently have are not created by accident.   Your soul /Higher Self carefully and with great wisdom, agreed to c hoose these pare nts for you to learn the particular karmic lessons of responsibility for the choices that you made, lifetime s ago. Each lifetime is a precious opportunity to advance into your enlightenment and ascension. This does not have to take place in twenty or a hundred more lifetimes. It can be done in one lifetime now. The opportunity is always there.  Sometimes our pain and our suffering is our greatest teacher to show us what it is we need to heal the most in our psyche, or soul in order to advance to the next level.

In this physical dimension, we have a great variety of souls;  some who are here for the first time who have never had a physical incarnation here.   Then you have the largest spectrum of souls who  have been here many times before to experience various incarnations, and then there are those who are here for the last time to complete their soul evolution.   So for each soul group, there will be different lessons that the soul will encounter while in physical embodiment.  There will be different needs, different desires, different tastes, different experiences and of course different lessons.

For example a, younger soul may want to experience the full spectrum of physical sensations such as touch, smell, taste, sex, pleasure and pain,  and they may explore these experiences extensively.  They may not be ready to move to the more subtle spiritual planes as they need these more physical sensual experiences for their soul evolution.  For a mid-range soul, many lessons about power, compassion, forgiveness, starting to question reality, exploring alternative realities and therapies,  detaching from addictions, and learning how to walk the middle path become important issues.

For very advanced souls, the lessons become even more challenging and intense, such as no longer identifying with the physical body, mind, or emotions. Physical reality is viewed more as a projected illusory hologram.  Detaching from personal desires and emotions without giving them up, but not being controlled by them is another sign of advancement.  Releasing gender identification, role playing, belief systems, ego-identification based perceptions and desires,  learning to walk perhaps a narrower path, as they approach ascension.  These souls are also learning about trans-personal and more universal forms of intelligence and communication,  and are learning how to access and merge with these higher frequencies, as they begin to embody these energies within themselves, as they begin to source and integrate their I AM God Presence into their daily reality.

In our current planetary evolution, which comprises the collective mass consciousness of humanity, we have the unprecedented opportunity to permanently heal all illusion of duality within our subconscious and unconscious as a human species. Some  major fractures or separation between the conscious and unconscious  in  the collective consciousness of humanity  is the separation  between light and dark, good and evil, spirit and flesh, spirituality and sexuality, and male, & female polarities.

This separation has been perpetuated for centuries in our global drama and  kept alive by most world religions, cultural institutions, and are even crystallized in the matrix of the socio-economic development of our planet and encoded in our DNA.    These  collective  limiting belief systems have inhibited our ability to love ourselves and others, to express ourselves freely, and has greatly limited our personal power and sovereignty. Until we have integrated these polarities and healed the unconscious split in our subconscious, we will not experience the freedom and sovereignty of our true Being.

What a big tall order to be able to finally heal and integrate something we were never taught about! For centuries we were taught that someone else had all the answers, that we needed an intermediary (usually a patriarchal religious authority figure)  between ourselves and God, and that through our subservience and obedience, as we humble ourselves, we will be saved!  While all the time the split in our subconscious was becoming greater and greater until today we are faced with the ultimate journey of awakening our Soul purpose through  the healing of our shadow and personal human self.


Our healing journey begins by freeing ourselves from the conditioned, duality-based, socio-economic-cultural-religious belief system Matrix of this 3rd dimension that has enslaved our psyche and soul for so many lifetimes. So how do we take the opposing forces within the matrix of our limited, conditioned human nature (currently 2-Strand DNA) and our desire to live in the light as a liberated and enlightened being, and free ourselves from the oppressive pendulum that continuously swings from one extreme to the other? One will always continue to bounce back and forth like ping pong ball, up and down, down and up, until we learn how to integrate the shadow aspect of our self and accept it as a catalyst for our healing and enlightenment.

This is what motivated me to compose the healing music that is an intrinsic part of this book.  My assignment was to transform these seemingly opposing energies and create harmony out of the resolution of what at first sight, appeared as conflicting sound tones.  When two or more of these tones combined  with a third sustained sound wave, we begin to experience not only a lifting, but an actual transmutation of sonic frequencies that are now synchronized into a new level of unity and harmony, resulting in the resolution of duality or what appears as opposing elements.  Working with the light and dark tones together with  a sustained third sonic harmonic  energy field, one begins to experience a heightened level of awareness that results in integration, transmutation, release,  and clearing,  which is vital to our healing and  transformation.

True healing is always an inside job.  To penetrate to the core issue of any deep disorder, we must first learn the cause of the imbalance, and then transmute the energy pattern and core belief that contribute d to the imbalance which created the physical symptoms. Most crystallized energy patterns that contribute to dis-ease (such as unhealthy habits, core beliefs, judgments, perceptions, opinions) has to do with choices we made either consciously or unconsciously that were not in alignment with truth, divine will, or our Higher Self.  These crystallized thought-forms, intentions, habits, addictions, and emotions, contribute to actions ….some which enhance the quality of our life and others that diminish the quality of our life-force essence, also known as prana, chi,  or vital life force energy. In order to stay healthy and balanced, it becomes increasingly necessary to discern  between which thoughts, habits, beliefs, perceptions. emotions & actions contribute to a healthy energy pattern in our body, and which thoughts, emotions, habits, & actions that sabotage the healthy vitality and balance of our physical body.  The cause almost always starts with a disturbance in the etheric  and emotional body which then triggers and affects the mental body and affects or paralyses the will, and these in turn greatly influence the function of the physical body.

For example, A sense of lost will often results from imbalanced emotional patterns and choices that have started lifetimes ago, whe re we equated love with sacrifice, and therefore in our core belief, we acted out the subservient martyr role which eventually evolved into the matrix of victim, and feeling disempowered.

The imbalances we experience in the physical body originate in how we use our will, intention, and how we choose to relate emotionally and mentally to the consequences of those choices.  Most deep-rooted imbalances started in other lifetimes where a particular pattern becomes crystallized and the subconscious  begins to act out this pattern over and over, until the pain becomes a wake-up call for us to make a change in our lives.  This takes us on a journey of exploration and introspection where we can hopefully get in touch with the cause of this disturbance, which always invariably has to do with actions and thoughts that are not in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

Another very important thing to understand about the physical body is that it is  the soul that is the activating life principle and is  breathing life and every breath into the physical body, keeping it alive.  As soon as the soul withdraws the last breath, the physically body stops to fun ction, and the soul begins its withdrawal from the encasement of the physical vehicle known as the body.  When a person is in full alignment with their soul purpose, you rarely experience ill health.  There are of course times, when a conscious person, will still experience some suffering and pain through a karmic debt from another lifetime that has to be completed and transmuted.  However once that is done, if that person is in alignment with their soul essence, they will no longer experience illness or intense suffering.

What one has to understand is that the true, animating life force essence in the universe is the soul, not the material physical body itself.  It is the consciousness and intelligence of  the soul that continues to live and evolve after so called death in other non-physical dimensions until the soul chooses to either reincarnate into the physical again, (depending on its attachment  to illusory material, emotional, & sense experience), or continues its growth and evolution in non-physical dimensions as the ascension process continues.

When we begin to learn the language of love and compassion that our soul is so much wanting to teach us, we begin to touch upon the hem of the language of light.  These also include living in harmony with universal principles that guide the soul into its ascension-liberation, and self-mastery, releasing us from the endless pit of suffering, pain and transmigration.



You can do all the mantras, affirmations, prostrations, meditations, all the siddhic and spiritual practices or penances you want, and there will still be that fractured part of your human self  that will continue to resurface, until you learn to love, honor, embrace, and understand the psychology of the soul and how it relates to your human evolution.

The reason that present day psychology is not able to break through the barrier of our human persona, is because most psychology only goes as far as healing emotional patterns from our childhood in our present incarnation. It takes into account how we were raised, how our parents or caretakers nurtured us as infants and how deep emotional patterns were created during these formative years. What is not taken into account, is the many lifetimes that a soul has experienced many different personalities and how this affects and influences our current evolution & development.  So when you begin to treat a person’s addictions, or serious emotional/mental problems, you have to be able to penetrate into the psyche or soul of that person. The psyche is a collective storehouse of feelings, impressions, emotions and desires that we have experienced throughout many lifetimes.

"The psyche  is the collective interface between the conscious intelligence of the soul, and our unconscious urges and desires, and how we fulfill those urges and desires in this physical dimension.  The psyche is also the storehouse of unfulfilled desires, dreams, aspirations, hopes, and fears.  Our eros, what fuels our passion, our very life force,  greatly influences our psyche."

The psyche is the delicate instrument of communication between your soul and your human personality. How we have used our personal energy, power, and will in fulfilling our desires or denying them becomes stored in our psyche, which in turn influences the activity of the unconscious. So positive, healthy patterns of past behavior are translated by the psyche as pleasant experiences that become part of our conscious self.  At the same time, challenging or unfulfilled emotional patterns that have been experienced by the soul in past lives as challenging and negative, become registered by the psyche into our unconscious, hidden self as painful, unpleasant memories and experiences that are kept buried and hidden from our conscious awareness. It really takes a new level of spiritual psychology to address these deeper issues.   A new, spiritual psychology is needed to understand the true cause of  the many layers of emotional & mental imbalances and dysfunction which could have started lifetimes ago.  In most people, these unhealed disturbances in the subconscious from past lifetimes, are still deeply effecting our current human behavior, and greatly influence how we relate to others.

So how do we get to the root of our problem and finally get to the cause? This answer can take a lifetime or lifetimes of inner work to heal the hidden scars of misqualified human creation in our cellular memories.  No matter how highly evolved you are, this journey continues each day until we are ready for our ascension. This is true for every human being on this earth, including the Dalai Lama, the Pope,  all the gurus, leaders, and spiritual teachers that are embodied. There is always something more to heal, to learn, and to transmute within the fabric of our human evolution.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t need to be here to learn these lessons.

We’ve heard so much about desires now haven’t we?  We’ve heard how desires are the root of all evil, how we should banish desire, how we should kill the personal self? You see this in so many world religions and doctrines, in Buddhism, in Hinduism, Christianity, even in some more refined spiritual teachings in the New Age movement.  There is an underlying censorship of our right to experience complete fulfillment and freedom in these physical bodies. The qualities of our very life force, our eros, our passion that fuels our desires are shunned and suppressed under a cloak of self-judgment, guilt and fear.  And this is how the fractured, split self of our unconscious continues to operate, life after life until we come face to face with it all and commit to healing it permanently. Use the force of your passion and desire to propel you into your enlightenment, into your wholeness, into your complete fulfillment and awakening. Activate and reactivate your capacity for aliveness by letting the energy in ALL your chakras flow freely. Expand your life force by using your sexual energy creatively to heal the fractured wounded inner child, to heal the wounds in your heart,  to heal all illusion of duality and separation in your unconscious.  This perhaps is the boldest step you can take toward the fulfillment and enlightenment of your True Self.  This is when all that you have Idealized about a Master becomes Realized as Your Very Own True Self.


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